Bio-Path is a biotechnology company focused on developing life-saving therapeutics by utilizing DNAbilize®, the company’s novel patented method for producing antisense DNA therapeutics for a broad spectrum of indications, including cancer. Our lead product candidate, prexigebersen (Liposomal Grb2), formerly BP1001, is currently in Phase 2 studies for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Our second drug candidate, a liposomal antisense drug called BP1002 (Liposomal Bcl2), is ready to enter the clinic, where it will be evaluated in lymphoma and solid tumors.

Company Highlights

  • Proprietary antisense and liposome delivery technology breakthrough for DNA drugs, potentially solving the challenges of delivering these molecules directly to target cells without side effects
  • Original technology licensed from The MD Anderson Cancer Center. Company maintains strong relationship with the Cancer Center
  • Strong IP position with composition of matter and method patents for antisense targets and manufacturing
  • Lead product candidate, prexigebersen (Liposomal Grb2) formerly BP1001, in the clinic for blood cancers and in development for solid tumors. Second product candidate, BP1002 (Liposomal Bcl2) is IND-ready
  • Promising clinical data for BP1001 shows that the drug has been well tolerated with possible anti-leukemic effects, including patients stabilizing for extended treatment
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Drug delivery for nucleic acid drugs

95.6 million

$6.2 million

approximately $1,000,000 per quarter excluding clinical trial costs

Houston, TX

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